Based on proven Ransburg® voltage-generation technology, the RVC automatically detects the hardware as soon as it is connected. An intuitive touch screen with plug and play capabilities allows for easy operation, advanced troubleshooting and fast access to data easily retrieved by USB. While older controllers often require constant upgrades in order to work effectively, the RVC’s innovative design eliminates the need for frequent updates. It provides reliability and control for ultimate applicator transfer efficiency, less maintenance, improved coverage and maximum safety.

  • Full color touch screen display
  • Advanced on-screen troubleshooting with event history log 
  • Lifetime usage and process-based data analytics 
  • Independent or linked control of up to two RansFlex automatic guns from a single controller 
  • Data retrieval via front USB port

Complete solutions for an ideal finish 

Ransburg® manual and automatic electrostatic finishing products offer spray finishing solutions to industrial and automobile manufacturing markets. Utilizing electrostatic spray painting technology, our products deliver a “Class A” finish to each and every customer’s project.


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