Technical aspects of the UNIVERSAL JIG – EVOLUTION D, which make it the most flexible system on the market are based on the following advantages:

  • Maximum adaptability on every checking point of the vehicle covering the whole underbody.
  • Simultaneous control of every single checking point of the vehicle, both close points and asymmetric points, without the need of any additional parts or extensions, furthermore it controls the MacPherson directly from the underbody of the vehicle.
  • It covers the same amount of vehicle checking points as the specific mini jig, both with mechanical parts mounted and mechanical parts removed. Thanks to the same basic equipment (Car Bench Patented) it is possible to work with sliding cross beams with 3 sides on each cross beam and anchoring support blocks having 5 free movements in the air.
  • Gives a complete reading in 3 axes (X, Y, Z) while holding each vehicle checking point in tolerance until the work is finished.

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