• A comprehensive range of CONVentional, HVLP and Trans Tech (Compliant) Air caps provide a choice of Environmental compliance, Transfer Efficiency, Atomization power and application requirements.
  • Simple construction and easy maintenance for minimal down-time.
  • Stainless Steel Fluid Passageways for Water based & Solvent based coating applications.
  • Quick detachable mounting manifolds provide fast and easy maintenance.
  • Compact size and weight for easy positioning and precise alignment.
  • Multiple options and formats to evolve for all application requirements
  • Independent Fan, Atomizing and Trigger Air – vital for Robotic and fully automatic machine applications.
  • Using the acknowledged market leading low Pressure Air Atomization technology from DeVilbiss, the AG-360 automatic spray gun series has been developed to provide a blend of finish quality, engineering robustness and superior Transfer Efficiency.

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