3G Modular Robotic Welding Guns

3G Modular Robotic Welding Guns

The manufacturing industry is under constant demand to improve efficiency and reduce costs. ARO has risen to the challenge and produced the first modular system, the 3G robotic welding gun. The revolutionary 3G modular system allows four gun variations to be created from 9 shared modules, 7 specific modules and 2 plug and play arms.

Using ARO’s unequalled modular and servo gun expertise, the family of 3G guns has up to 60% fewer parts than conventional gun designs and there is a high degree of component commonality between all of the 3G gun types.

The 3G gun bodies:

The revolutionary 3G modular system allows four gun variations to be created from nine shared modules, seven specific modules and 2 plug and play arms. These four variations are called the 3G-C, 3G-X (copper arms), the 3G-Z and the 3G-CZ (aluminium arms) guns which have different welding force versus arm length performance.

Rapid and easy assembly:

Assembly of the four types uses the 3G modular design. A fully functioning gun can be assembled quickly from a small number of standardised components. Once assembled the arms simply plug in and the whole assembly is ready for inspection:

  • MTTR is less than 10 minutes.
  • Delivery times are dramatically reduce

3G Robotic Welding Guns Features

Capital investment incentives Global compatibility
Reduced investment in spare guns required – 3G built in simplicity, leads to reduced MTTR
The full cover defines the 3G model precisely for offline programming – No surprises when installing the gun on the line.
Reduced costs for spare parts due to standardisation of parts
No BSP or NPT fittings – Easy worldwide implementation and tool transferability.
Improved running costs Improved flexibility
Dramatic reduction in component diversity and storage requirements. Up to 60% fewer parts than a conventional gun design.
Gun body easily converted from C to X or from copper to aluminium arms by swapping modules
Less in house repair engineers required. Concept relies on replacing modules by non-specialised workforce
Arms are “plug and play”, and can be adapted without touching the gun body.
Easy trouble-shooting due to single side mounting and modular components
Same basic body – save costs and easier late stage design changes.
Gun cover removes need for expensive gun bags.

3G Welding Gun Specifications

Type R3C R3C R3X R3Z
Design Current
20kA - 35 kA
20kA - 35 kA
20kA - 35 kA
20kA - 35 kA
Design Force
800 daN
800 daN
1000 daN
1000 daN
Any Robot
Any Robot
Any Robot
Any Robot

3G Light

lightweight range of 3G < 100kG designed for low payload and small footprint robots.

  • Same welding current capability (max welding current and permanent current)
  • Same welding force capability
  • Same maintainability and same tools
  • Same modularity (brackets / mirror guns / power connections / actuators ..)

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