Line BM10000 HGV

The new multiplex technical inspection line 10 000 Mx offers the possibility of increasing your productivity thanks to the integration of new technologies.

  • Can Bus : digital communication between testers and cabinet provides for more reliable measurements,
  • Flat screen 20″ : user comfort, better readability,
  • USB port : quick and easy connection of peripheral devices.

LV test line

The new 10 000 Mx multiplex inspection line offers the possibility to increase your productivity thanks to the integration of new technologies. CAN bus :communication between testers and desk providing for more reliable measurements, Flat 20”display:user comfort, better readability, USB Port: quick and easy connection of peripheral devices. The 10 000 Mx inspection line is also programmed for “ Télé-Maintenance”(Remote Maintenance),a new service that allows our technicians to intervene remotely on your line and thus, for instance, perform an instantaneous update of your settings. The line can be split in several stations, thus allowing simultaneous inspection of severalvehicles:16 possible operators by means of 16 infrared remote controls (Muller Bem patent).When laid in sequence, this line is an optimal solution for continuous vehicle passage.

LV and HGV mobile test line

Tractor trailer of LV / HG, self supplied thanks to a generator integrated in the cabin.
It allows the transverse passing of heavy ground and light vehicles, with successive control of braking, suspension, (for light vehicles) of ahead-end of plays. Closed for the road, the trailer opens on both sides to allow accesses of vehicles to inspect.

LV mobile test line

Trailer equipped of a modular and complete Inspection Test Lane for Light Vehicles Inspection. Commissioning and installation in less than 15 mns, it allows you to inspect light vehicles weak density areas of vehicles or in isolated areas.



Electronic and fleet management system

Actia is specialist in onboard electronics for industrial vehicles, and a key player in the digital tachograph market: Actia has been instrumental in the definition of the EC regulation 3821/85 including annex 1B, as well as the ISO16844 standard. Based on more than a decade of digital tachograph experience, understanding both the market requirements and the technical challenges, Actia has developed and type approved a complete solution for road transports : reliable and secure -Vehicle Units- designed to replace paper disk tachographs,and a range of motion sensors of different lengths.


Onboard System

ACTIA®, a leading specialist in on-board systems for commercial vehicles for more than 20 years, designed and developed SmarTach®, the first digital tachograph to be certified compliant with the European Directive 1360/2002 in 2004.
ACTIA® developed SmarTach® to meet all the requirements of European regulations and to offer a series of functions to deliver quality service to operators.
ACTIA® Group provides simple and professional solutions: a complete range that covers the full use of the tachograph and its data: data download tools, archiving and analysis software, training, calibration lanes and tools, speed sensors, thermal paper rolls etc.
ACTIA® assists transport professionals, vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers, drivers, approved centres and public authorities to install and operate this equipment, while ensuring its compatibility.

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