Side Door Latches

High-Tech in Vehicle Doors

As a leader in technology, Kiekert offers high-quality technology and economically compelling locking systems ranging from entry to premium—and every system is suited for every auto manufacturer and every customer desire. Today, our side-door latches are installed in one out of every fifth vehicle in the world. You can even find our development design in one out of every three vehicles.

Door latches in automobiles bear a lot of responsibility. They protect property and reduce risks for passengers in case of an accident. However, acoustic characteristics when closing or activating the central locking system also form the overall impression of a vehicle. The first impression of a vehicle is often related to the acoustics and tactile feel when opening and closing the doors. Whichever auto manufacturer leaves a good first impression with these acoustics and the tactile feel has the potential to win many bonus points with auto buyers right off the bat.

Whether a purely mechanical latch or a high-end latch with a central locking system, anti-theft device, electric child safety, power cinching or electric release function: We offer all functions with Kiekert quality.

Trunk Latches

Modular Solutions for Rear Compartment Latches

Kiekert offers the optimum solution in modular locking systems for trunks and liftgates. The key to the advancement lies in our newly developed generic trunk latch family, which covers all market and customer needs next to our existing NRC (New Rear Compartment) platform. The newly developed generic trunk latch family consists of three different variants, ranging from a basic solution to a trunk latch variant with a maximally optimized opening process. All three variants have a modular design and offer a wide range of variations to cover all market needs, specific to each region. The available latch design provides a solid basis for all customer needs. As a technology leader in automotive locking systems, we are writing the next chapter of a success story that will span decades.

Latch Modules

Latch Module: A One-Stop Source for Complete Safety Systems

As a provider of complete closing systems, Kiekert undertakes the responsibility for the entire latch module. This also encompasses the design and process validation. Kiekert is the developer, manufacturer and supplier of closing systems. Every latch unit is completely assembled, validated, tested and also preset optionally. One of Kiekert’s core competencies is integrating the latch module into the entire side-door system. Combining all components into a unified, tested latch module means lower assembly costs and more profit for the vehicle manufacturer.

Seat back latch

Putting modularity in the back seat

The innovative modular design of our seat back latch allows for flexible configurations, from manual-only release to the premium power release assembly with remote operation from anywhere in the vehicle. Kiekert’s unique, patented double pawl solution combines pleasantly low actuation force with maximum safety. The hybrid release design includes manual redundancy plus power release in the upper part of the latch housing. The new single solution seat back latch combines four different latches in one system, reducing engineering and design complexity in car development to a minimum.

Mini Lockings

Large variety for the interior

Small and very helpful: Even in the 1970s, Kiekert had the first mini lockings in its range of products. Today, we supply these practical locking systems in the form of the Kiekert small actuator modular kit. Versatile in use, compact safety and comfort support in one standardized system. This is how we, as a flexible automotive supplier, can make the most varied customer demands a reality—even in the non-automotive field. The linear acting actuator with its flexible electrical and mechanical connections enables comfortable adjustment and safe locking and unlocking as well as numerous comfort and safety functions in the vehicle.

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